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Dr. Ali Bolouri, DDS

Dr. Bolouri is a professor and Director of the Undergraduate Removable Prosthodontics in the department of Restorative Sciences at Baylor College of Dentistry.  He has served 40 years with the dental school and has been a full professor since 1985.  Dr. Bolouri earned a Certificate in Removable Prosthodontics from Emory University, a DDS from the University of Tennessee and a DMD from Tehran University. 


Dr. Bolouri is a board certified Prosthodontist.  He is a leading expert in removable prosthodontics and has lectured throughout the country and internationally throughout his career.  He has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers and presented at conferences worldwide.  Throughout his academic career, he has also maintained a part time private practice concentrating on restorative dentistry and dental implants in North Dallas. 

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